Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool #11- Reflection

My favorite tool was a combination of the iPad apps and continuing with Blogger. I think the students will be excited to be able to use some of the apps but feel like they are able to access Blogger from any platform and as such will lead to better conversations inside and outside the classroom.

I appreciate the learning I have gained from going through the "11 Tools" process.  As a recipient of the Power to Learn grant, I embraced student use of technology but often found it limiting regarding connection issues and hardware issues.  Because of this, technology use tended to be an "event" in my classroom as opposed to a route for gaining an understanding of the content.  I am hoping with these new tools, the technology will become a more integrated part of the classroom rather than just a small portion.

Some unexpected outcomes has been seeing others ideas and how I can implement them in my classroom. I have also come to terms with the idea of students using smartphones to supplement the classroom technology. If they are using it to learn they are less likely to use it for other purposes. 


  1. At this point, I hate technology. But. I digress. Your comments about Internet connection and device availability are dead on. These issues definitely keep educators from changing with the times.

  2. I think leveraging student devices is the way to go! It will certainly improve their access and involve them in learning!